A leading destination that combines business with pleasure

Belize is often referred to as the crown jewel of the Caribbean and Latin America and those who have visited the alluring country can easily see why. Everywhere you go in the Central American country, you will meet friendly locals and enjoy a pristine climate with pleasing natural features. The country has a wonderful blend of traditional cultures mixed with modern that no country can adequately match.

Belize is the quintessential Central American country with a very predictable and idyllic climate. In fact, this idyllic tropical country has only two seasons: dry and wet. Its coast has some of the clearest waters where water sports and activities such as swimming, snorkeling, fishing, boating and diving are played with a lot of fun.

You can’t miss the cultural excitement that blends Latin, Caribbean, and Amerindian cultures and languages. If you add to this wonderful mix a fair share of Creole, Chinese and Garifuna influences, you get an incomparable melting point of all that is exotic and stimulating. Other than singing and dancing, each culture brings with it a bewildering array of cuisine options that will delight any palate.

Sightseeing is one of the activities that make this country an exotic destination and a great location to combine business with pleasure. The high Mayan mountains with native forests are as majestic as they were in times past. The wildlife is also diverse and Belize has earned the reputation of being a bird watchers paradise. The lush tropical jungles are also filled with wildlife that includes some rare carnivores like jaguars as well as some unique baboons and monkeys.

Another Belizean feature that makes it an ideal place to do business is the language. Unlike many Central American and Caribbean countries, the main language in Belize is English. Almost everyone from waiters to taxi drivers are proficient in acceptable English and the language barrier is never seen. It also helps that the US dollar is widely accepted even at the retail level.

When searching for a preferred destination for business conferences and corporate retreats, it is important to look for venues that combine fun with business-friendly aspects. Conference facilities for international companies in Belize are known for their technology and affordability. Speak with an agency that can give you a call today.

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