Change Leadership – Key Recommendations

One of the constants in business is that in order to survive and thrive, you must be able to accept change. Many companies have gone out of business either because they were afraid to embrace change or they decided not to make any changes at all. In an economy where the customer has many choices and is more careful with how they spend every dollar, not only is it important to embrace change, but to have a team focused on driving change.

A very important aspect of change leadership is the ability to get your employees to “convince” the changes that are coming. This means, whether or not you agree with any changes being made, you exude an air of authority and a positive outlook towards that change. Constantly pushing home how important and needed it is and how it will increase business and profits for both the company and the employees.

Here are some tips on how to successfully create this environment:

1. Advertising

When the change is first announced, comment on how things, the way they are now, are not working anymore and the management team is working on a solution. Then, tell them about the changes and how you will improve the business.

2. Information

Learn about every aspect of the upcoming changes and engage your team around them frequently. Make sure to answer any questions in a positive manner and attitude.

3. Work

When it’s time to make changes, be the one driving the change with everything you’ve got. Be enthusiastic and positive and your team will follow along with you. This will keep your team and management team engaged, motivated, and dedicated to making any successful and profitable changes.

Change is not something everyone embraces, but as a manager or leader in your company, you are the one driving change at every turn. Your employees will look to you for direction, strength, and instructions during this time, and if you show doubts or aren’t positive about the changes that are happening, they will feel it and follow through.

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